[sword-devel] Legal ?

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so use it! Seems like a viable solution.

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> >I agree. It is not the same as the Hebrew texts of which we DO have 
> >ancient copies. The Massoretic text goes back 1000 years and we
> >find that it is only differed from the Dead Sea Scrolls  by 9 words in 
> >Genesis. And these 9 words are simply language evolution. It
> >doies not even change the meaning. So where as we see the Hebrew text so 
> >frequented across the net in freely available forms. The
> >same will most likely never be seen of the greek since the greek 
> >compilations are "made up". In otherwords. The actually greek NT
> >never existed in its NA form. USB/NA simply compiled a "version" by 
> >organizing the fragments in a way they felt is homogeneous.
> Actually, there are several Public Domain Greek New Testaments available. 
> Dr. Maurice Robinson's Byzantine Majority Text is a work that some people 
> (including me) believe is actually more accurate than the UBS/NA text, and 
> Dr. Robinson intentionally and irrevocably dedicated it to the Public Domain.
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