AW: [sword-devel] Texts under Linux

Craig Curtis
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 19:39:22 -0500

Below is the kjv.conf file.  Also the particular example I gave came from Gen

Description=King James Version of 1611
About= -=+* see the file 'kjvpref.rtf' for more details *+=-\par\par \
	This is the King James Version of the Holy Bible (also known as the Authorized \
Version) in Rich Text Format (among others, italics and red included).  The preface from \
the translators is in KJVPREF.RTF. These files are in the Public Domain. \par\par \
	May God bless you as you study His Word. \par \
	Michael Paul Johnson \par \
	Sysop, Colorado Catacombs BBS (303-772-1062) \par \
	email: \par \

On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, you wrote:
> Can you please tell me the exact chapter/verse so I will try it at home and see 
> if I can reproduce this misbehaviour.
> Well my kjv contains some GBF marks but no RTF ones so I don't know how this 
> happend.
> Can you please post the important entries from the conf module (like format, 
> options etc.)?