[sword-devel] Sorry, I can't export sapphire.zip, but...

Michael Paul Johnson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 09:47:33 -0700

At 16:16 11/17/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>my name is Marten, I live in Germany.
>I'm running sword and Bibletime under linux using the sword raw modules.
>Please tell me how I can get sapphire legally and in spite of U.S. export
>restrictions and the cipher keys I need to use the enciphered
>modules I need?

You can get it from someplace where it is already outside of the USA or 
Canada (like maybe http://zerblatt.optiva.ee/pub/crypto/code/sapphire.zip) 
without breaking any U. S. or German laws. Even though someone obviously 
broke the law to export it once so that it eventually got posted in 
Estonia, I have no idea who that was. It wasn't me. I still can't legally 
export it directly to you, but if you find a sapphire.zip file anywhere you 
can legally get it from containing the following files, digitally signed by 
me with MD5SUM and PGP, then you have what you asked for.

  MAKEFILE       Make file used to compile this set of files.
  MPJ8.ASC       Michael Paul Johnson's PGP public key.
  SAPPHIRE.ASC   Signature file.
  SAPPHIRE.CPP   C++/ANSI C source code for sapphire stream cipher.
  SAPPHIRE.DOC   Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0a format description of
                 the Sapphire II Stream Cipher.  Free viewer available
                 from Microsoft.
  SAPPHIRE.PS    Postscript version of SAPPHIRE.DOC.
  SAPPHIRE.TXT   Plain ASCII text version of SAPPHIRE.DOC (no pictures).
  SAPPTEST.CPP   Test program for sapphire stream cipher (C++ source).
  STEST.EXE      Test program for sapphire stream cipher (compiled).
  STEST.PAS      Test program for sapphire stream cipher (Pascal source).

md5sum -cv (this file name)

0e2a1d04fd894cdb4783ae9a9fa74a18 *makefile
99b2bab2618dee5b7913de7cbcf4df13 *mpj8.asc
a0a4475201f073ae28abb6436f606532 *sapphire.cpp
09e2fb081fc9d8093ab9aabde2a6b7e9 *sapphire.doc
e9edbf5e7b879e02e4af494c694da8ff *sapphire.h
2b236fdf9eac2a606ae353852ff93313 *sapphire.ps
6c1292eecdfdb4837a8ea69c66e0b235 *sapphire.txt
13b8f152fbff0c66f1e3d6189b9ebf0e *sapptest.cpp
59975082c147cfb401ee3cd8f7cfbc2a *stest.exe
bc64b20164efdcc7b36fc3212e0007ad *stest.pas


Michael Paul Johnson