[sword-devel] New Download JSP

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 07:12:52 +0000


> This looks like a pretty great system.  I tested on x86 Linux Mandrake 6.1
> with NS4, Win98 with NS4 and IE5, and Win2K with NS4 and IE5 and did
> unzipping with Winzip on windows and unzip on linux.  All worked fine.

Thanks for all the test feedback!  That's great!  How about speed?  Did
you notice any shortcomings relative to your usual download flow?

> The only issue I see is that the filename is always SwordMod.zip instead of a
> module-name related filename.

Yeah, if anyone knows how I might solve this one, I'm all ears!  You
should have seen what I had to do to get it to default to SwordMod.zip! 
It was a real hack!  The servlet that streams the zip data is a class
called 'zip' in a package called 'SwordMod', hence 'SwordMod.zip' :)

> I probably still prefer InstallMgr though since I can just set it and forget
> it.

Yeah, I agree, but we don't have InstallMgr ported to every platform we
support, and not everyone has ftp access.  Maybe we should, instead,
focus our efforts on porting InstallMgr and supporting http within the
tool.  Not sure.

The JSP could be rearranged to allow a user to 'check' the modules that
are desired and then have a button that 'posts' to the zip servlet that
would then build a zip will ALL selected modules.  This would allow you
to 'set it and forget', with the small step of unzipping after the
transfer.  Not sure...

Thanks again for your feedback.  (No comment on my PERL slam?) :)