[sword-devel] Dynamic Download first hack at .jsp

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 13:24:36 -0700

> how do we modify the source code for other similar uses?
> What is all needed?
> what are all the parameters?

Well, you need to first be sure you have a java compiler and VM working
on your box.  I use BlackDown's jdk117_v3, though I may switch to IBM.

Then you'll need to configure your web server to support servlets.  Each
web server is different in this area.  I use a base RH6.1 install with
apache and add the jserv RPM available from apache's site

Once you're sure servlets are working, you need to add the JSP compiler
/ runner (a servlet itself) to the servlet engine and designate it to
handle .jsp requests.  I use GNUJSP (http://www.klomp.org/gnujsp/)

Once you're sure jsp's are working, you'll need to download the JGL
container library from http://www.objectspace.com (free download) and
the sword.jar library that I will post if you would like it, and add
these to your servlets' classpath.

The jsp should then work as is (well, you probably will want to change
the location of your sword install directory).

Hope this helps.  First time setup is an experience, but it's not bad if
you do things in stages. :)


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> Date: Thursday, November 04, 1999 7:17 AM
> Subject: [sword-devel] Dynamic Download first hack at .jsp
> >Ok, everyone, if you have time, check this out:
> >
> > http://www.crosswire.org/sword/download2/
> >
> >This is a first hack at a jsp for dynamically building a page that will
> >allow our end users to download modules right from the /pub/sword/raw
> >repository.  It doesn't work yet, but it does read the repository and
> >display info about all the modules that it finds.
> >
> >Source code is included as a link at the end of the page.
> >
> >Choose 'Common'
> >Then either:
> >      Texts / Translations
> >
> >      Commentaries
> >
> >      Lexicons / Bible
> >      Dictionaries
> >
> >
> >Comments, suggestions, help are appreciated.
> >
> > g'nite,
> > -Troy.