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Markku Pihlaja markku.pihlaja at sempre.fi
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Thanks for the reply,

2012/11/21 <davidtroidl at aol.com>

> Deut. 32:15,17,22–26 could be marked up
> <reference osisRef="Deut.32.15">Deut. 32:15</reference>, <reference
> osisRef="Deut.32.17">17</reference>, <reference
> osisRef="Deut.32.22-Deut.32.26">22-26</reference>

I've tried explaining this earlier: that just isn't enough for us here.

There would be no structural difference between a note containing that one
compound reference that consists of three verses (or ranges), and a note
containing a list of three separate references. The only difference might
be in the separator tokens, but those are outside the markup and shouldn't

I'll make the problem even clearer: how do you markup this list of four
different references (I'll mark each with a different color)?

Deut. 32:15; Deut. 32.17; Deut. 22-26; Deut. 32:15,17,22–26

This one is of course a rather imaginary and unreal example - there would
probably never be a list where the three verses/ranges are first individual
references and then form a compound one - but using the same verses here
shows the problem more clearly.

The note marker appearing in the text for this whole list of four
references should be one single note, not four, so (as stated previously in
this discussion by DM) all these should be packaged within just one pair of
<note> tags.

What you're suggesting would be a list of six separate references, the
three last ones just being separated with commas instead of semicolons, and
the "Deut." being omitted from the content part of the last two - but those
separators and the missing book names are content instead of structure
markup. Structurally that would be the identical three references listed

osisID's are meant to be unique identifiers for book, chapter and verse
> elements in a bible.  They should not be used in notes, and they should
> not contain multiple references

I don't quite agree, at least on not being for use in notes, and nor does
Durusau's manual. For instance lines 2, 5, 8 and 11 in the example on page
45 show notes with osisID's. Also, osisID is listed as one of the
attributes of the note element (as well as basically any other element,

Isn't the main purpose of an ID to be used for referring to the element it
represents, regardless of the element's type? And I do need to be able to
refer to notes here, so the obvious (and maybe even only?) way would be
using the osisID. I just need to find a good way of naming notes with a
source more complex than just one verse, and referring to them.


About osisIDs not being able to contain multiple references: about this,
too, the Durusau manual disagrees. On page 89 there's the example
<p osisID="Matt.1.1 Matt.1.2 Matt.1.3">...</p>,
although I did wonder about the correctness of this in my previous message,
since I couldn't find such syntax in the OSIS schema.

But if osisIDs really are only able to refer to one verse, then I hope
someone can suggest an alternative method for what I need to do.

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