[osis-users] Validation related OSIS questions

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Nov 8 07:08:00 MST 2012

> Von: Markku Pihlaja <markku.pihlaja at sempre.fi>

> 1) What XML validators (online or for Windows, preferably free) are you
> using for OSIS? 

I use xmllint, on Linux. I presume you can get it via cygwin onto Windows, but I have not checked.

> 3) How should I code en or em dashes in OSIS? The (for an HTML expert)
> obvious solutions, &ndash; and &mdash; seem to be HTML specific and
> invalid
> in XML. Or at least I this get error message from the validator:
> "Entity 'ndash' was referenced, but not declared"
> I'd like to be able to use some code or entity instead of an actual dash
> characters (– or —), at least in some places, since we have two
> different
> semantics for the dashes and I'd like to keep them separate in the code.

Don't have an answer for that, but what is the semantic and is there not a better way to code it than the somewhat arbitrary length of a dash character?

> 4) Finally, a question not related to validation. In our translation,
> there
> are two paragraphs that span over chapter borders. 

The usual way of doing this is to use mile stoned chapter (and verse) tags. Preferably you should make a decision early on and stick to one version only - milestoned or container tags, no mix and match. The manual explains this well. Also have a look at Crosswire's wiki.

Hope this helps



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