[osis-users] OSIS Manual updates

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Mar 3 18:57:20 MST 2012

Is there any way we can turn the OSIS Manual into a community edited 
document? At CrossWire, we get a fair number of complaints about typos & 
errors in the OSIS Manual found by people who, apparently, read it a 
good deal more closely than most of us did.

We would still like to point to a manual somewhere, and I'd prefer not 
to go the effort of having to recreate the manual independently. Is 
there any way we can get it updated? Ideally, can we somehow throw the 
whole thing up on a wiki and fix it as bugs are reported?

My chief concern, I suppose, is that ABS owns the manual, but haven't 
shown any interest in maintaining it since its publication. Does Patrick 
retain any rights to the manual? Does anyone even have a clue who we 
might contact at ABS to get permission to use the text or, better yet, 
get it licensed as Creative Commons by-nc-sa or such?

A single update/correction just kicks the can down the road a little. CC 
licensing & community editing would let us really, significantly improve 
the text, to the more long-term benefit of the standard.


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