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Markku Pihlaja markku.pihlaja at sempre.fi
Wed Jan 11 04:54:11 MST 2012

Next, here are three cross-reference related questions.

How should I encode cross-references to non-contiguous verse ranges? For
example, I have this reference (in our standard notation): Matt. 27:17,22.
This is formally just one reference to verses 17 and 22, not two separate
references. OSIS requires that "a single osisRef cannot identify a
discontiguous range of a work". So how should this be done? Making one note
that contains two references might be a step towards what I want, but there
would still be two separate references.

I would like to have something that enables for example an implementation
where hovering the mouse over a (cross-reference) link would open a popup
with just the referenced text highlighted, even though it wasn't
contiguous. Two separate references would lead to two different popups on
different hovering points, which wouldn't be right.

How should I encode a cross-reference with the *referring* position
consisting of more verses than just one? For example, Matthew 1:1-17 has a
cross-reference to Luke 3:23-38. Just placing a note containing a reference
in Matthew 1:1 wouldn't tell that it's the whole passage of 17 verses that
refers to Luke. Would that reference need to have an osisID listing all 17
verses separately?

Our cross-references are currently listed on a verse-by-verse basis in a
separate file. Each verse might have a number of references, most of them
separated by a semi-colon. However, in some cases the separator is the
vertical line character, | (or the pipe sign). This indicates a fine
grained division of the *source* verse. For example,
Luuk. 2:4-7 ¦ Dan. 1:20
would say that the beginning of the referring verse refers to Luke 2:4-7,
and the end to Daniel 1:20. There can be up to 4 divisions like this in one
verse. However, there is no automatic way of determining what the exact
division of the source verse is. In fact, in some cases even I can't read
the verse and tell the division without reading the referenced verses first.

This means that I'll need to leave the OSIS coding vague in this respect.
My question here: is there a way to somehow indicate the existence of this
division within the tags, or is the only way to continue marking it like it
was done until now, like this:
<reference section1a.... />; <reference section1b.... /> | <reference
section2.... /> |  <reference section3a.... />; <reference section3b.... />

Could that be done by using osisID's like
Matt.1.1!crossReference.section1.b etc.
or is there a better way?

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