[osis-users] Proposal to Support Conformance, Quality, and OSIS Version Descriptors

Ted Janiszewski tedjaniszewski at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 17:10:20 MST 2010

I propose that the OSIS schema be expanded to mark up information on
conformance level, quality, and OSIS version.  Specifically, I propose
adding OSIS header elements to contain the current conformance, quality, and
version of the work and adding attributes for these values to revisionDesc
elements.  I think it would be easiest to illustrate this with an example:

    <revisionDesc resp="tgj" *conformance="3"*>
        <p>Put first word of chapter 1 into small caps to accord with the
printed text.</p>
        <p>Added front matter and section heads</p>
    <revisionDesc resp="tgj" *quality="3"*>
        <p>Proofread text against facsimile at
    <revisionDesc resp="tgj" *conformance="2"*>
        <p>Added 'closer' element.</p>
    <revisionDesc resp="tgj">
        <p>Changed osisIDs from 'IgnPhi' to 'IgnPhld', to accord with the
SBL Handbook of Style.</p>
    <revisionDesc resp="tgj">
        <p>Standardized creator and contributor tags.</p>
        <p>Added 'salute' element.</p>
    <revisionDesc resp="tgj">
        <p>Added transChange elements.</p>
    <revisionDesc resp="tgj" *conformance="1" quality="2"
        <p>Markup into OSIS 2.1.1, using text from
    <work osisWork="Fathers.en.Ign.Phld.ANF">
        <title type="main">Epistle to the Philadelphians</title>
        <title type="sub">Ante-Nicene Fathers</title>
        <creator role="aut">St. Ignatius of Antioch</creator>
        <contributor role="trl">Alexander Roberts D.D.</contributor>
        <contributor role="trl">James Donaldson LL.D.</contributor>
        <contributor role="edt">A. Cleveland Coxe D.D.</contributor>
        <contributor role="mrk">Theodore Janiszewski</contributor>
        <date event="original" type="Gregorian">1867</date>
        <date event="edition" type="Gregorian">1885</date>
        <date event="imprint" type="Gregorian">1913</date>
        <date event="eversion" type="Gregorian">2010.10.26</date>
        <publisher>Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing
        <language type="ISO-639">en</language>
        <type type="x-DCMI">text</type>
        <coverage>Apostolic Fathers</coverage>
        <description>Ignatius' epistles, in their longer and shorter
versions, were translated from the Greek by Roberts and Donaldson and
published in Edinburgh in 1867.  Coxe revised and arranged their text for
publication in America; a work which was completed in 1885 and effected by
the Christian Literature Publishing Company of Buffalo, NY.  Having entered
the public domain, the work was digitized by the Christian Classics Ethereal
Library in their Theological Markup Language and later made available in
OSIS 1.1.1.  Using their text as a basis, Theodore Janiszewski undertook the
update to OSIS 2.1.1.</description>
        <format type="x-MIME">text/xml</format>
        <source>CCEL: schaff_anf01</source>
    <work osisWork="Bible">

Grace be with you all (and thank you for your hard work),

Ted Janiszewski
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