[osis-users] Unambiguous and Consistent OSIS for Interchange: Stand-off Markup

Robert Hunt hunt.robertj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 11:58:20 MST 2010

Efraim Feinstein wrote:
> Hi,
> While I'm reasonably convinced JLPTEI's approach is good for an 
> archival format, I'm not convinced it's a good interchange format.  
> Interchange of the type that APIs do takes place on a much more ad-hoc 
> basis, and the amount of processing that's needed to get a stand-off 
> solution working may not be worth it.  One thing to consider is that a 
> lot of the API consumers are going to be JavaScript apps and their XML 
> handling facilities are not particularly good.
I'm not a JS / web API expert, but couldn't an intermediate API layer be 
used here, i.e., a library written in the more efficient language that 
JS then makes calls upon? (I guess the library code is on the server 
where the data is and the JS is on the client???)

Alternatively, an intermediate (derived) format (or database) which 
combines the data and stand-off markup and is not necessarily XML or any 
other standard, but rather designed for ease / speed of access?


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