[osis-users] Topic Maps

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 15 11:54:16 MST 2010

Patrick? Did I get your attention? :)

We've all wanted to, and been talking about, marking up and disambiguating Proper Names in texts for quite a while now. I've been requested by a scholar to provide some statistical data which gives rise to this topic again.

If we wanted to mark, say, place names with a disambiguity id, how would you suggest we do so?

First, if I have a morphologically tagged text, if the morph system allows, I might have a designation like:

<w morph="someSystem:properName">Place</w>

But this will not tell me if it is a place, person, organization, etc. Even if it told me it was a place, is that place a city, river, mountain, etc?

So, Topic Map, gurus... Give me some concrete examples of markup to solve this, or I'm planning to simply create a new lemma/morph system pair and mark this up like:


So save me from my ignorance :)


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