[osis-users] cross references

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Jan 14 16:59:19 MST 2010

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On 1/12/2010 1:43 PM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> How should crossreferences be included?
> The text I have has a separate x-ref document which I will merge in one
> way or another with the actual text.

I've seen these a few times before in SFM document sets.

> There are no markers right now in the text, but words are marked up as
> "keywords" and in the x-ref file these words are quoted again.

Do I understand correctly that the Bible file and the footnotes file 
both contain an indication of what content the footnote refers to?

Let's say SFM \kw marks a keyword and you have text:

\v 2 blah blah blah \kw important words \kw* blah blah

Then the notes file has something like:

\v 2 \f \kw important words \kw* note note note note \f*

> The obvious solution would be to use this with the OSIS markup of
> <catchWord>  to link the reference and the keyword. Should this be done
> with a single massive note and all "catchwords" per verse:
> <note><catchWord>blah</catchWord><reference>blah:12.3</reference><catchword>.......<reference>......
> </note>
> or with each a note per keyword?

Since the notes are really separate notes, I would certainly place them 
in separate <note> elements. I would also recommend placing them 
adjacent to the words they discuss. So the above pseudo-SFM would be

<verse>blah blah blah important words<note><catchWord>important 
words</catchWord> note note note note</note> blah blah </verse>


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