[jsword-devel] Wiki writers - attention

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jan 8 00:40:50 MST 2018

We are currently engaging in a bit of culling and pruning activity. 

If suddenly a well liked page looks much different, please do not
worry, certainly do not revert. A masterplan is in the making. 

If you want to contribute and have an account: 

- Please go regularly to pages you have contributed to and DELETE stuff
you have added which has become superseded by reality. 

- Each time you add information, please delete an equivalent amount
somewhere else. 

- In particular please look for following:

-- duplication of info inside wiki -> please look for the one most
suitable place for such info and delete it elsewhere, adding if
necessary an internal link

-- duplication of extraneous info -> general information elsewhere
available should be deleted and, if necessary, linked to in an external
links list at the bottom of the page. In-page Wikipedia links and the
like are strongly discouraged + are getting shot at sight.

-- clear distinctions between CrossWire volunteer work and extraneous
activity. If a matter is of significant interest to CrossWire
contributors to be listed, please add a commentless external link, no
mixing. Mark of distinction - if you as an active contributor to CW see
your work as CW work, feel free to list it in-page. Do not do so for


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