[jsword-devel] Pending release of BibleDesktop

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Sep 1 06:35:36 MST 2015

I’m almost ready for the release of Bible Desktop. There was a problem with the build when it came to checking JSword out of git. At some point github stopped supporting HTTP and only allow HTTPS.

The build now works at least in part. I’ve had to turn off some of the QA tools as they require Java 7 or later. And we were using Java 5 to do the building.

If you’d like to give feedback, download the nightly build (it isn’t actually building daily) http://www.crosswire.org/bibledesktop/download.html <http://www.crosswire.org/bibledesktop/download.html> to get it.

I’ve tested the Linux and the Mac, but not the windows d/l.

There’s a problem with the OSX download running under Gatekeeper. It will declare that the app is damaged. It isn’t. It is just not signed with an Apple DeveloperID. To get around it at this point the user has to open a terminal, change directory to the location of the zip and run
	xattr -c BibleDesktop.app.zip
And then unzip it.

Nothing we can expect a user to do. I’ll be getting a Dev ID to sign it.

Related to this: so far I’ve been able to change the jars in the app and update a manifest (Info.plist) and get it to work. I tried compiling with Java 7, but the app refused to run. Digging into it, the Apple provided stub for running Java will only run their version of Java, which maxes out at Java 6. They also don’t provide a mechanism for creating Java based apps anymore, leaving it to Oracle to fill the gap. Oracle has filled the gap, but it is Java 7 or later. There are pros and cons to doing that. Even then a dev id is needed to sign it or it has the same problem mentioned above.

Sometime soon, I’ll try out BD on Win (XP, 7 and 10), but if you get there before me, let me know what you find. I’m sure there are problems.

— DM

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