[jsword-devel] Bug fixes and improvements

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sun Mar 1 17:11:01 MST 2015

I’ve been going over all the modules and trying to fix as many problems as possible.
Many thanks to Michael Schierl for his pull request.
I was also inspired by it to do further cleanup.

The net is that there’ll be a lot less debug about ThML and GBF modules.

Also fixed a nasty bug in Gen Book FileState. It wasn’t memorizing the SwordBookMetaData which resulted in null pointer exceptions. I’m not sure if that was the reason for getting too many open files exceptions.

Chris and I identified that there is a practical leak of resources. JSword will cache file state for each module when it is opened, but never release it. If you crank over many modules it isn’t a good thing. If you only have a few modules open, it is no big deal.

Anyway, you’ll find more about the commits in git.

In Him,

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