[jsword-devel] New Versifications

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 8 14:17:13 MST 2015

I've added LXX and Orthodox versifications. I also "cleaned" up the versification tables.

Each of the book arrays had 9 entries on the first line and subsequent lines had 10 entries, excepting possibly the last.

That the first line was 9 was an artifact of them originally having 10 entries, with an entry representing Chapter 0, allowing for simple indexing of the array (chapter # = index #). But since the array is not used directly and only used to compile the internal lookup tables, it was removed.

So, I've changed them to have 10 per line except perhaps the last.

I've also put the OT array before the NT array.

This allows the following to quickly find errors:
	diff -Bbw canon_lxx.h SystemLXX.java
where the *.h file is from SWORD.

There was a reported bug in the NSRVA v11n. Doing this made it easy to find. It is fixed.

I'm working on releasing BD which has a pre-step of getting JSword pull requests into JSword. Let me know if there are any that cannot or must go.

I will be addressing the output of the QA tooling that we use (CheckStyle, PMD, FindBugs, ...) and making changes based on it.


In Him,

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