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Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Fri May 30 03:28:18 MST 2014

It's perhaps a faulty assumption, but it's going to be a very common
assumption / pitfall for the user. The Hebrew OT isn't ordered according to
the Leningrad codex as far as I know.  What are we gaining by having a
different order anyway?

The problem for STEP is that we allow people to search across multiple
versions, which suddenly means that a range becomes quite annoying because
it either has to mean different things depending on a 'primary' version, or
it has no meaning at all...


On 29 May 2014 19:38, DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org> wrote:

> On May 29, 2014, at 2:29 PM, Chris Burrell <chris at burrell.me.uk> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Is it intentional that
> >
> > a- of the two orders of the OT in the Leningrad codex, we opted for the
> one that places Nehemiah as the last book
> We followed SWORD on the order. I presume that it was intentional.
> >
> > b- when you now do searches across what most people consider to be the
> Old Testament (Gen-Mal), if you're searching the OSHB you don't end up the
> entire canon.
> This is expected. It is a faulty assumption of the user. The same is true
> of any other OT having a different book order.
> There's a class in the versification package that should be able to
> produce a proper range for the selection of the Old Testament. IIRC, it
> does not work as it presumes a KJV ordering. The idea behind the class is
> to allow the application to have pre-defined ranges. E.g. OT, NT, Whole
> Bible, Prophets, Wisdom, Pauline Letters, Gospels, .....
> The other question is what constitutes the "canon." Some orderings have DC
> material mixed in. The range Gen-Mal is no longer meaningful if one wants
> to exclude the DC.
> I think that when one asks the application for the OT that they don't also
> get DC. If they want DC they should ask for it explicitly.
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