[jsword-devel] Jira and Git

Chris Burrell christopher at burrell.me.uk
Mon Mar 17 05:19:54 MST 2014

I'm on the opposite side. At work all our branch names are simple issue
numbers because the Jira board is our master repository for all issues. All
our commit messages have got an issue number and a commit message next to

Commit messages are there to stay. Often branches aren't. We use a common
develop branch, and a master branch. Everything else is transient.


On 17 March 2014 12:16, Matěj Cepl <mcepl at redhat.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 2014-03-17 at 22:49 +1100, Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> > Just on branch naming, my personal experience is it's counter-productive
> to
> > use a JIRA issue number as the branch name, because it has no intrinsic
> > meaning.
> > At work we have a lot of people who use the issue number, and have to
> > juggle between branches CR-12345, CR-72938, and CR-12453.  The name
> doesn't
> > give any intent: you have to look up the issue to find what it means.
> > Personally, I would much prefer to have branches like av11n and
> > VerseKeyRefactor (no matter how arbitrarily named) that mean something to
> > me.  Usually they don't have to mean anything to anyone else.
> Perhaps a combination of both? av11n-12345 ?
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