[jsword-devel] Module Compression

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sat Mar 1 00:33:09 MST 2014

I'm adding BZip2, XZ, and Gzip to JSword for module compression. These have been or will be added soon to SWORD.

I'm particularly interested in time/space comparisons especially with regard to Android phones and tablets. BZip documentation indicates it is fairly heavy handed.

In implementing this, I'm using Apache Commons Compress. This also comes with a tar implementation so we can drop Javatar (and javax-activation). This actually is the same implementation.

I'm in the process of updating ivy.xml and pom.xml to the latest library versions (other than Lucene, which is a big change). They are minor version bumps.

We'll also be adding SCSU and possibly BOCU-1 as packed encodings for Unicode. 

-- DM
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