[jsword-devel] Missing search results when filtered if PassageType.MIX

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 15:10:24 MST 2014

I have noticed that occasionally some search results are missing when a
filter is applied e.g find 'light' in Gospel of John only.

E.g. search text: '+[John] +light' returns only 4 results. It should return
16 results.

I have done a bit of analysis and narrowed the problem down to And Bible
using RangedPassage via PassageKeyFactory.setDefaultType(PassageType.MIX).
 If I switch back to the default passage type I get the correct results.

The JSword search classes eventually calls: AndQuery.find()
which has: left.retainAll(right);
which calls: RangedPassage.retainAll

I think the error might have already occurred in the left value above or in
retainAll.  I need to do some more debugging but if anybody has any
suggestions as to what might be wrong I would be grateful.

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