[jsword-devel] Labelled build

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Thu May 9 07:02:15 MST 2013

I am getting ready to do a release of And Bible in a couple of weeks but
would like to base that on a labelled version of Jsword.

I realise that JSword is not ready for a release yet but could you add a
Tag to JSword after accepting or rejecting outstanding Pull requests?

Regarding the 'tweaks' I have been trying to push back there are only a
couple left and I will add Pull requests for most after the release.

*Startup Time*
btw I forgot to mention that the startup time of the latest JSword is 35%
better so some of the optimisations must have worked well.  Startup on a
very old G1 improved from 23 secs to 15 secs with the new build.

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