[jsword-devel] New And Bible Build and Versification Mapping

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Mon May 6 05:14:05 MST 2013

There is a new build of And Bible containing versification changes as
listed below.  You can download the new build from
from the download list <https://code.google.com/p/and-bible/downloads/list>.


   - Mapping between Synodal and KJV versifications
   - Various small fixes
   - As well as the previous changes which included use of the latest av11n
   version of JSword.

*KJV-Synodal Mapping*
There is now a simple KJV<->Synodal mapping in a property
on the mapping file in
for your help John).  The
very lightweight and will be swapped out when the official mapping is
implemented, it can also also be extended to provide other mappings if a
property file similar to the above is provided.

I think the mapping works quite well.  Try it out by loading RusSynodal and
viewing Psalm 9, which is merged with Psalm 10 in Synodal and most Psalms
are offset by 1 thereafter:

   1. Split screen e.g. RusSynodal Ps 9:21 in top screen and KJV (or
   commentary) in bottom.  Move up and down in top screen and bottom will
   switch between chapters appropriately.
   2. Change document e.g. Change from KJV Ps 10.1 to RusSynodal will
   change to Ps 9:22
   3. Follow link e.g. a link in MHC to Ps 11.1 will go to Ps 10.1 if the
   Bible is RusSynodal.
   4. Bookmarks and MyNotes adjust according to the v11n of the Current
   5. 'Compare Translations' maps to the correct verses

I am hoping this build is fairly solid and that I can start to work toward
a release.  Please let me know of any bugs or oversights.

Best regards
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