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Sorry about the late response. STEP doesn't use a whole lot of statics. The
BibleNames (long vs short) is used on start up. And I hook into the JSword
error reporting.


On 14 March 2013 01:37, DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org> wrote:

> There are a few globals that are used by the program to change user
> visible default behavior. These were designed for per user setting, but
> they really are per application.
> I'd like to know if they are in use by other applications and if not
> whether the app has a different way of performing the same behavior.
> They were put into JSword in the hopes that they'd be useful to most if
> not all apps.
> o.c.jsword.book.Defaults defines default books of different types:
>         Bible (either a particular Bible or the last Bible used.)
>         Commentary
>         Daily Devotional
>         Dictionary
>         Greek Parsing Dictionary
>         Greek Strong's Number Dictionary
>         Hebrew Parsing Dictionary (there aren't any at this time)
>         Hebrew Strong's Number Dictionary
> JSword does not use this internally.
> o.c.jsword.book.BookFilters allows a static setting of "commentaries with
> bibles" that affects whether BookFilters.getBibles() or getNonBibles()
> returns a filter regarding just Bibles or Bibles and Commentaries.
> JSword doesn't use this internally.
> o.c.jjsword.book.sword.SwordBookPath allows the setting of the location to
> which Books (aka modules) should be downloaded and allows for additional
> locations to be added for finding Books.
> This is used internally by JSword.
> o.c.jsword.passage.PassageUtil defines whether a Verse, VerseRange or
> Passage should retain the string input from which it was created and return
> it when getName() is called.
> This is used internally by JSword.
> The default is to not use the original (however the original is stored in
> the Verse, VerseRange and Passage).
> o.c.jsword.passage.RestrictionType defines whether blurring (expanding a
> Verse, VerseRange or Passage by n Verses) should be constrained to chapters
> or not be constrained at all. (We used to allow constraining to Bible book).
> This is used internally by JSword in a query.
> Moses ~3 Aaron will find all the verses with Moses and those with Aaron.
> Then it blurs those with Moses by the requested amount. Then it will take
> the intersection of the two. Basically it is "Find Aaron with in 3 verses
> of Moses"
> We could move this into o.c.jsword.index.search.SearchModifier and
> DefaultSearchModifier.
> Note, this is not a feature provided by Lucene, but one we layer on top of
> Lucene.
> o.c.common.util.Translations contains a list of languages into which
> JSword (and BibleDesktop) have been translated. There's the ability to set
> the Global Language for the application.
> JSword doesn't use this internally.
> o.c.jsword.versificaiton.BookName has two static/global properties. One
> for whether a Book name is to be left as found in BibleNames.properties,
> usually Title Case, changed to UPPER case or to lower case. The other
> allows for the setting whether getPreferredName returns getLongName or
> getShortName.
> JSword uses this via BookName.toString(), which may be used all over
> JSword, but is hard to tell.
> o.c.jsword.passage.PassageKeyFactory Allows for the picking of a default
> type of passage. This is not meant to be user visible, but it impacts
> time/space considerations.
> JSword uses this.
> A few others:
> Font set on a Language or Book
> Cipher set on a Locked Book
> WebWarning (user can dismiss a Web Warning and store that decision)
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