[jsword-devel] Accenting in Greek

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Wed Sep 19 10:48:32 MST 2012

Hi all

As far as I can tell our current GreekAnalyzer takes into account the
accenting of the underlying text, rendering searches across both unaccented
and accented texts impossible (i.e. copy paste from unaccented text and
search an accented text).

I'm considering adding a new filter to the GreekAnalyzer to strip out the
accents. However, I assume this could have undesirable effects since the
accenting in Greek can sometimes change the meaning of the word completely.

Any other ideas as to how we might do this? (same goes for Hebrew

I already have a "unAccent" method (shout if you want an untested copy).
The question is whether we want to include it in the filter, or how else to
do the search accurately. Any thoughts welcome.

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