[jsword-devel] 200 volunteers required to read 5 chapters of the Bible

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Mon Nov 12 13:41:53 MST 2012

Hi everyone

*200 volunteers to read 5 chapters of the Bible*
I'd like to find 200 volunteers who could spend 5 hours or so helping us
out do a comparison between the KJV and ESV, in order to help us create the
strong tagging for the ESV. With 200 volunteers we can almost cover the
entire Bible.

The result of this work will be made available as a Sword module so that
everyone can re-use the work.

*How we're doing it*
What we've done is to do create  MS Word documents containing both the KJV
and ESV.  The documents have bright yellow words in them where the KJV word
doesn't exactly match the ESV words (which is given in the normal colour).

So what I'm after is some volunteers to cut & paste the yellow words next
to the equivalent ESV word. In doing so, you are effectively tagging the
ESV Bible text. Each chapter will then be proofed by Dale (copied), who's a
scholar in the US.

*Why it does the tagging*
The bit I haven't mentioned is that there numbers are attached to each
word, so by moving the yellow word, you are essentially moving around the
strong number with it. The numbers can be mostly ignored.

I have a more complete set of instructions, a video, an example file, etc.
for anyone who would be interested in finding out more.

Please let Dale & myself know if you would like to volunteer a few hours.
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