[jsword-devel] Hindi bible book names

Douglas Campos qmx at qmx.me
Fri Nov 9 11:46:39 MST 2012

On Nov 9, 2012, at 3:51 PM, DM Smith wrote:

> Douglas,
> Many of us are new to git.
> Would you provide a walk-through of the best practices of creating a branch, making a change to the branch, and creating/submitting a pull request?
Sure, if any of you need help with git, just mail me directly (qmx at qmx dot me) and we can setup a chat session, or something like this - the internet is full of git and github documentation, but I'm yet to see something more effective than having someone to ask ;)

> Does a pull request have to come from a visible git repository? Or can I create on using a local clone?
usually those come from github forks - one can easily convert a simple clone into a fork by just issuing a few commands to git

> DM Smith

-- qmx

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