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Douglas Campos qmx at qmx.me
Sat Mar 24 18:47:15 MST 2012

Answers inside

On Mar 24, 2012, at 10:35 PM, DM Smith wrote:

> Welcome Douglas,
> That'd be great. There are some earlier threads of questions I have.
> So far I have found that the biggest drawback to going to GIT is that the initial checkout would be huge. Checking out from SVN is manageable as it only gets the top and not the entire history.
> On the server the SVN server takes up 730G. In GIT, that comes to 480G for a bare repository.
Yeah, I know it's scary, been there many times ;)
> The biggest contributor to the size is that we have stored every jar that we've ever used in developing JSword and BibleDesktop. We've also stored every release in there, until recently.
> I'd like some advice/help regarding how to get the size of the GIT repository for JSword to a manageably sized checkout. I've played around a bit with rewriting history and I think that by deleting jar, dmg, zip, exe, ... and other binary artifacts that we can store elsewhere, I got it down to 100G. I think it can go smaller. But not sure what would be the best way, or even a good way.
What we usually do is just remove the binary assets and store them somewhere. This would make the repo very small, and eliminate this problem

> Getting rid of all of these means that the build will need to be reworked. I've started using ivy (there's an issue in Jira with the patch I'm using locally). It pulls resources from maven main repos. But not all of the resources we use is in there.
Any reason for not sticking with plain maven? jsword looks very common, so it would no big deal to just go with the defaults (and I can offer advice on it too) - I know mvn isn't the most amazing tool, but the developer cold-start and IDE integration really pays off - we use it extensively at JBoss (I work there ;))

> And not all that we'd delete is in there either. We have a maven repo on CrossWire with many of the artifacts there. Perhaps we need to populate it with everything else and get ivy to pull from it too. (I think Chris Burrell will help here.)
While we are at it, why not push to the maven central? I was trying to use the code for a pet project and that was my first place to search (and if I didn't ran the build, I probably would never know that sword has a maven repo)

> The (L)GPL license that we use has a reasonable expectation that source for a current release is available for a while after the next release. IIRC, 3 years. Maybe we can split GIT into jsword archive and jsword current, where the split would be the release before the current one?

You can always retain a read-only svn server for the old assets, and move on to git, preserving the history without the binary blobs

Another thing to take in consideration is that we really would need to split the repositories, so you would probably have something like this on github


(unfortunately, github's sword handle is taken already :()


BTW, I'm at the #sword channel at freenode if anybody wants to have a more interactive conversation.

In Him,
-- qmx

> Anyway your and everyone's input would be good.
> In Him,
> 	DM
> On Mar 23, 2012, at 1:57 AM, Douglas Campos wrote:
>> Hi Everyone!
>> I volunteer myself to aid on git migration / mentoring - I've did this for a lot of projects before, one more wouldn't hurt at all.
>> Blessings!
>> -- qmx
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