[jsword-devel] jsword on j2me

Сергей Варюхин cepreu.mail at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 22:19:53 MST 2012

This subject was not discussed since 2006 year in mailing list. But
now i think it is possible to port JSword to J2ME platform, because
modern phones with J2ME support such as Nokia N8, for example, have
hardware, which capable to run JSword library with normal speed.
I am student of FEFU (Far East Federal University) in Russia. I want
to choose for my graduation work this subject. So i have started work
with last stable JSword 1.6, because i do not want to collide with
bugs of current trunk. I will try to modify original JSword source
code as less, as possible. Maybe after finishing this work it will be
possible to back port changes in current trunk to have one code base
for J2ME and J2SE version. To achieve this i get GNU Classpath library
sources and will use it for replace standard library calls, because
standard library in J2ME have many differences from J2SE version. Also
i working at porting JSword library at Java 1.3 language version,
because it is version, which used in J2ME. Currently i replacing
assertions with using custom library, because Java 1.3 does not have
"assert" keyword. Also i want to replace all calls to standard file
classes with custom library, which provide one interface for Java
files and mobile JSR-75 API.
What are you thinking about this job? Is it have place in JSword
repository? Special branch, for example? And what about sharing code
between J2SE and J2ME versions?
Also i want to develop front end for J2ME for this library port. What
are you thinking about that? Is it better to develop from scratch or
use existing project "Go Bible" and modify it to work with JSword

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