[jsword-devel] Wiki and spam

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Mon Jun 4 09:48:48 MST 2012

In getting the wiki back up, I didn't put any anti-spam prevention into 

As a result there were hundreds of new user accounts created in the last 
two weeks. I've deleted nearly everyone of them. If I deleted yours, 
accept my apology and create it again.

Additionally, I cleaned up all their spam.

Previously, we had a simple captcha used on account creation that 
presented a simple math problem. I've changed that to a series of simple 
tests of biblical knowlege:
Who is the savior of your soul?
Who died for your sins?
Who is Jesus' mother?
Who wrote the Gospel According to Mark?
Who wrote the Gospel According to Matthew?
Who wrote the Gospel According to Luke?
Who wrote the Gospel According to John?
A random question is picked from those that I supplied.

If this proves too onerous, let me know. I'll change them to also 
provide the answer.

If you have other ones that have obvious answers that you'd like to add, 
let me know.

In Him,

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