[jsword-devel] Indexing and highlighting...

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Thu Jul 5 07:08:03 MST 2012

On Jul 5, 2012, at 9:49 AM, Chris Burrell wrote:

> Hi all
> Another few questions on searching. Is there a reason (apart from size) why we don't download the index with the bible book when it's not installed?

The jsword-devel and sword-devel archives will have a complete answer. In a nutshell, Lucene is sensitive to changes. If the current version of Lucene, Java, JSword, Unicode, … don't match then searching does not work well.

> Secondly, is there a way to search and highlight the portion of text matched? I assume that would have to be a custom layer once we've found the Keys from the search results.

It has not been implemented. Some here have explored it. From what I recall, it will change/invalidate the indexes.

Basically, you take a search result hit and search that with a highlighter which does the markup.

In HIm,

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