[jsword-devel] Verse 0 in xgen titles - expected behaviour?

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Mon Jul 2 09:54:06 MST 2012

The work is done by VerseRange.getName() which calls 
VerseRange.getName(Verse base) which ultimately calls VerseRange 
doGetName(Verse base).

The purpose of this routine is to get a user friendly representation of 
the VerseRange. It is used in more places than just x-gen titles. Here 
are a few more scenarios:

First scenario:
It is used in a bi-directional context. That is the user can input Gen 
1:1-31, which is not the same as Gen 1, since Gen 1 can include intros 
if present.

So in BibleDesktop, we allow a user to input verses freeform and we try 
to figure out the best we can what they mean.

In preferences they can either preserve original values in which case we 
only show them what they type, but behind the scenes we store it as we 
see fit.

Or they can choose to have their input normalized into their preferred 
form. This will result in calls to VerseRange.getName(Verse base).

This normalized form is then used to do whatever work is needed. So the 
normalized form needs to be equivalent to what the user originally 

Second scenario:
The user performs a search and the answer is included in verse 0. Should 
0 be shown to the user?

Third scenario:
Blurring: The user has Gen 1:4 in their list and blurs it by 10 verses, 
which results in Gen 1:0-14. Should it show 0? Should it show the intro?

In each of these scenarios, the output is the textual representation of 
a bit map. They need to match.

There may be others, but I know of these off the top of my head.

So how do we change it for your scenario? What should we do for the 
other scenarios?

In Him,

On 07/02/2012 12:18 PM, Chris Burrell wrote:
> Hi DM
> The problem is that a user may type in Exodus 3-4:17 and somehow from 
> his point of view gets verse 0 for chapter 4 (and no 0 for chapter 3 
> (note the slight difference from before - same symptoms/results with 
> Ex 3-... and Ex 3:1-...  Verse 0 is omitted for this chapter).
> From a user's point of view, he doesn't know about a verse 0 and so 
> verse 0 should never be in a title. Or at least, that's my take...
> Chris
> On 2 July 2012 17:11, DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org 
> <mailto:dmsmith at crosswire.org>> wrote:
>     On 07/02/2012 11:53 AM, Chris Burrell wrote:
>>     Hi
>>     With the introduction of verse 0, the xgen titles sometimes now
>>     contain this. I used to use this to display the demarcations
>>     between passages if multiple passages are being entered. However,
>>     this now gives the following xgen titles:
>>     <title type="x-gen">Exodus 3:1-22</title>
>>     <title type="x-gen">Exodus 4:0-17</title>
>>     The above example is for "Exodus 3:1-4:17".
>>     I was just wondering if this */expected /*behaviour. If so, I'll
>>     code something to work around this. It doesn't however happen for
>>     "Exodus  3-4"
>     I'm not sure how it should work. It is certainly the way it is
>     coded. Chapter 0 and Verse 0 are full fledged references.
>     That is for Genesis
>     Gen.0.0 is the Book intro/title
>     Gen.1.0 is the Chapter intro/title
>     In your example, Exodus 3:1-4:17 explicitly excludes the Chapter 3
>     intro, if present, but explicitly includes it for chapter 4, if
>     present.
>     So if you want all of Genesis, chapter 1, do you want the title as
>     well? Then Gen.1 will work. But if you don't and headings are
>     turned on, what then? Gen.1.1-Gen.1.21?
>     If you want part of the chapter, say the first 10 verses, what do
>     you want? Gen.1.0-Gen.1.10 or Gen.1.1-Gen.1.10?
>     Right now, the code makes no distinction between one chapter
>     number and another or one verse number and another. Should it?
>     If not, what should it do?
>     In Him,
>         DM
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