[jsword-devel] Alternate Versification

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 3 14:04:19 MST 2012

In the last email, I outlined the changes for supporting module 

This alignment with SWORD was a difficult and critical first step in 
supporting "Alternate Versification" (aka av11n, or simply v11n). So 
far, JSword has only supported the v11n of the KJV.

In SWORD, v11n allows for the following differences when compared to the 
KJV v11n:
NT alone
OT alone
A different ordering of Bible books.
A different number of Bible books, either more or less.
A different number of chapters in a book, either more or less.
A different number of verses in a book, either more or less.

SWORD uses 3 arrays to define a v11n:
An ordered list of OT books.
An ordered list of NT books.
An array of maximum verse numbers for the chapters in the Bible.

Next steps for JSword:
Create an importer of an external definition of such arrays.
Create an exporter of the internal representation of these arrays (this 
is what is in BibleInfo for the KJV).
Create an importer of the internal representation of these arrays.
This will be first done for the KJV v11n, since we know what these 
arrays are for it.

This will allow for JSword to provide for externally defined v11n that 
can be released separately from the main applications.

Today, BibleInfo is a singleton, representing the KJV v11n. In the 
future, there will need to be a lookup for the Book's appropriate v11n. 
So, BibleInfo as we know it today (i.e. direct access singleton) goes away.

Obviously, there'll be much more to the final implementation. But that 
is what I have worked out so far.

In His Service,

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