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DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sat Aug 25 13:35:20 MST 2012

A few:
We want to support at least the last five years of popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android).
	Mac OS X of older vintages don't have Java 6.
	Java 7 is just out for the most recent Macs running the most recent OS. I've tested it and found no problems.
	The Android market is quite fragmented. I don't have a good handle on what level of features their Java supports.

We want to support older hardware. This is true in missionary circles with hand-me-down machines. And I still have an actively used older, perfectly good Mac that cannot run Java 6.

The libraries that we depend upon are at Java 5.

The last release was Java 1.4. I think it'd be good for the next release to be Java 5.

Regarding Java 6 and 7:

JSword runs just fine with a Java 6 jre.

I've also compiled JSword with Java 6 jdk and it compiles and runs just fine w/ Java 5 JREs. Perhaps a bit faster.
I haven't tested Java 7 yet, but I expect the same.

Are there any features of Java 6 or 7 that you feel would make JSword better?

In Him,

On Aug 25, 2012, at 3:00 PM, Chris Burrell <chris at burrell.me.uk> wrote:

> Hi all
> Any reason to stick with Java 1.5? We could upgrade to 1.6 or even Java 7...
> Chris
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