[jsword-devel] Dependency Injection discussion

Douglas Campos qmx at qmx.me
Wed Aug 22 07:43:51 MST 2012

On Aug 22, 2012, at 10:59 AM, Martin Denham wrote:

> Are there any plans to integrate a dependency injection framework into JSword in the future?  Not that I am requesting it but I recently looked into dependency injection to see how it would fit in the context of And Bible.
I think it makes much more sense to have the app injecting JSword bits (and henceforth using a DI framework) than having the library using one.

I'm with you w.r.t. DI on android - roboguice feels a little bit heavy though :P
> I looked at a few libraries and the only generic library that seems to stand out is Guice.  Only the "no aop" library can be used with Android i.e. guice-3.0-no_aop.jar because Android doesn't support bytecode generation.  Spring IOC could not be used on Android because of it's size.
> I thought I would mention the above in case it was thought that a DI framework would be too much for Android,  After investigating DI I decided not to migrate And Bible to use DI at present because I would need to do more work to gain any benefits, but may migrate the code in the future.
> Martin
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