[jsword-devel] Request for help - Java and/or Javascript, Jquery

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 04:04:26 MST 2011

Hi Chris,

Are you planning to use many jquery plugins and extensions or have you
considered using a component library or Ajax based framework to simplify
some of the ui design and implementation?  We use JSF at work, which
wouldn't be suitable, but does allow use of a lot of high level Ajax js
components, which are handy.  Something like GWT might allow a powerful ui
to be coded in Java.  Flash or something like OpenLaszlo could provide a
radical ui.  Zk I haven't used but looks interesting and there are lots of
other libraries like Dojo.

I have been using Amanuens and UserVoice recently, which have elegant and
functional web interfaces but unfortunately they use ASP.NET which I suppose
is very popular but I haven't used MS technologies for a long time.


On 8 September 2011 21:19, Chris Burrell <chris at burrell.me.uk> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I've been taking a slight break in the development of STEP (a web-front end
> to JSword) as well as lots more to come. Would love to hear from volunteers
> who'd like to work together to push the thing forward bit by bit.
> You'll see a sample of what's available here:
> http://crosswire.org/~chrisburrell/
> The key things that haven't been done, but for which
> investigation/framework/code demonstrates the possibilities are:
>    - Timeline (click Context -> Timeline - available demo but needs
>    thinking around the UI features)
>    - Google maps (click Context -> Maps - available demo but needs
>    thinking around UI features)
>    - Cross references (should be fairly easy to do)
>    - Clicking a word on the KJV shows data about it (could do this better
>    by having a proper strong -> definition, strong -> root of word mapping,
>    partially/totally available from Tyndale/Crosswire/Online hopefully)
>    - Notes (similar to above)
>    - More display options for the passage
>    - Lots more stuff (tracked in JIRA)
> Would love it if someone wanted to take just 1 of those items above and run
> with it for a while. Both people from Tyndale House and myself would be
> around to help set up environments/show code/help with feedback/etc. (and
> there's a "well" documented wiki as well)
> If you're interested and you think it sounds like fun, please let me know.
> All you need is some Java skills and/or HTML/Javascript or both or a
> willingness to learn...
> Chris
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