[jsword-devel] Request for help - Java and/or Javascript,Jquery

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Thu Sep 8 13:19:19 MST 2011

Hi everyone

I've been taking a slight break in the development of STEP (a web-front end
to JSword) as well as lots more to come. Would love to hear from volunteers
who'd like to work together to push the thing forward bit by bit.

You'll see a sample of what's available here:

The key things that haven't been done, but for which
investigation/framework/code demonstrates the possibilities are:

   - Timeline (click Context -> Timeline - available demo but needs thinking
   around the UI features)
   - Google maps (click Context -> Maps - available demo but needs thinking
   around UI features)
   - Cross references (should be fairly easy to do)
   - Clicking a word on the KJV shows data about it (could do this better by
   having a proper strong -> definition, strong -> root of word mapping,
   partially/totally available from Tyndale/Crosswire/Online hopefully)
   - Notes (similar to above)
   - More display options for the passage
   - Lots more stuff (tracked in JIRA)

Would love it if someone wanted to take just 1 of those items above and run
with it for a while. Both people from Tyndale House and myself would be
around to help set up environments/show code/help with feedback/etc. (and
there's a "well" documented wiki as well)

If you're interested and you think it sounds like fun, please let me know.
All you need is some Java skills and/or HTML/Javascript or both or a
willingness to learn...

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