[jsword-devel] Downloads very slow with latest JSword code

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 12:32:21 MST 2011

I just updated to the tip of Jsword and file downloads have slowed down by a
factor of about 10.  When this happened before it was related to the
Progress monitor but it isn't that problem this time.

I am not sure where else to look.  Has anybody got any suggestions?  It is
pretty difficult to downgrade file by file because of changes in the

The fast version is after the upgrade to jdk 5 libraries but before the jdk
5 code changes.  Most of the files are dated 30/11/2010 at 22:31 but it
looks like I had to get some patches because the header of WebResource has:
   WebResource.java 2039 2010-12-04 13:53:31

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