[jsword-devel] Server Migration

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Jan 13 16:56:42 MST 2011

Dear CrossWire Community Members,

Today we migrated our servers away from our longstanding provider,
Extreme Internet, to a new "Retina Scanning, Rifle Guarded" facility in
downtown Phoenix.

For quite a number of years Extreme Internet has subsidized much of our
cost for server colocation and has provided great service.
Unfortunately, over the past 8 months we haven't seen eye to eye on a
few issues, though I want to stress my sincere appreciation for all that
Extreme Internet has done for us for so many years.  Thanks can be
forwarded to Tim Dean, the owner, at tdean at extremezone dot com.

I also would like to credit Jonathan Marsden for how smooth our
transition went today.  He professionally and on very short notice took
the lead on this and migrated our DNS services, provided a temporary FTP
fail-over so our installers kept chunking away, and hosted a temporary
"We're in the process of moving..." http service so people didn't panic
during the physical transportation of our hardware.  Only myself can be
blamed for the move taking nearly half a day instead of a much shorter
cut-over; my apologies J.

Praise God for always providing everything,

Looking forward to many more years of sharing in work together as we
move forward together.


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