[jsword-devel] Subversion "tag" for release 1.6?

Jean-Philippe Robichaud jprobichaud at hotmail.com
Mon May 31 13:16:33 MST 2010

Hi everyone, 

I'm trying to write an "ebuild" for jsword (and probably bibledesktop at the same time) for Gentoo.  Ebuilds are gentoo package description that specifies how to build the software from the sources...

Now I downloaded the 1.6 "sources" tar file of jsword but the build.xml files are missing...  

I tried to get the source files from svn (you can actually do a svn chechout from an ebuild) but there are no tags for the 1.6 branch...  

So I have a few questions:
1- Have anybody on this list ever built an ebuild for jsword?  
2- Could someone create a 1.6.x tag in the svn repos? (I could build from the live "trunk", but that's a little risky...
3- Could the "released" source tar files be augmented with the necessary build.xml files?

Thanks for your hard work!

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