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I'm excited about your work!

However, please remove the ESV from your download file via Google.  We
have often received complaints from GNP about redistribution of our ESV
data.  The ESV is not a freely redistributable text.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to trying out your prototype!


On 07/02/2010 04:10 AM, Martin Denham wrote:
> Hi,
> I have built a working prototype of a bible for Android mobile phones.
>  The prototype uses a slightly modified JSword back-end.  You can
> download the prototype
> from http://code.google.com/p/and-bible/downloads/list.  You need to
> manually copy the contents of SdcardBibles.zip to your Android's
> sdcard prior to installing AndBible.apk
> You can 
>    1. view a chapter at a time in bible page format
>    2. select a book: ESV bible, WEB bible, Hebrew bible, JFB
>       commentary, Barnes commentary by pressing a tool-bar button
>    3. select a bible book chapter by pressing a tool-bar button
>    4. swipe left for next chapter or right for previous
>    5. search for words in the current book - press search button
>    6. click a search result to go to the appropriate chapter
> Testing has been done on Android 1.6, 2.1, and 2.2.  On a G1
> performance is okay but there are some pauses.  If the chapter is big
> e.g. Ps 119 and most commentary pages there may be a long pause.  I am
> planning some performance analysis.
> *JSword*
> Android 2.2 has excellent support for JSword but unfortunately
> java.xml.transform.* was only introduced in version 2.2 so I had to
> switch from xslt to sax for html creation for the screen.  Earlier
> Android releases also appear to have issues with dynamic class loading
> so I had to make some changes to JSword source for this prototype
> build.  I also made a memory optimisation.
> Best regards
> Martin
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