[jsword-devel] Hebrew/Greek defs as tooltips

Yingjie Lan lanyjie at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 11 06:45:03 MST 2010

> > Hi, this is very helpful, thank you. I have another
> question: Do you somehow control the dimension of the
> tooltip box? when there is no line break, would the tool tip
> turns out to be too long?
> >
> Yes I do somehow control the dimension, so it is not static
> size.  I
> specify the max width is 500 and height is the phi of the
> width (with
> scrollbar if needed)
> note: the width can be smaller than 500px depends on the
> amount of text

Wow, this is cool. Do you need to subclass JToolTip to achieve that?

Now I have refined my design a little bit (see attached) and welcome comments. This time the URIToolTip is a helper class to a view that needs to use tooltip to show the content of some URI.


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