[jsword-devel] User Interface design for Tyndale STEP

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Thu Apr 22 14:38:59 MST 2010

Just thought I'd share a few sites that have cropped up recently from
various people in the listings and outside. If we could pull ideas off those
interfaces, I think we could end up with something really good.

1- http://my.offlinebible.com/index.php
2- http://code.google.com/p/xulsword/
3- http://www.bibleglo.com/

We will probably need to rewrite the current interface completely, so we
might as well be creative. The timeline will probably stay the same for now,
but maybe in future versions get replaced or have several versions of it,
etc. Everything else will probably go.

A few thoughts in terms of our thinking:
- adopting the MVP pattern and EventBus, we want to be able to build and
replace parts of the interface without affecting the rest of the application
- we need something that feels like a application running locally - in some
cases it will - (in terms of speed, the idea that we're not going from page
to page, etc.)
- people know how to use websites, so we want to tap in to that (browser
back and forward button, search box, event model, etc.)
- something easy to use
- something clean, but easy to find all the other data.
- something consistent so that as we put new data into it the user is not
forced to look for all the new data, but that it's presented to him and yet
not overwhelming him

Any thoughts, any takers?

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