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On 10/27/2009 02:10 PM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:
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>             Hi have a question about conventions.
>             Java coding guideline is to have the brackets not in a new
>             line.
>             I've seen both in JSword but is it to have new line?
>         The JSword guideline is to have every { and } on a new line.
>         This pre-existed my involvement.
>     It's my fault.
>     My original thought was that { and } on new lines was more
>     readable and that the more compact version only made sense when we
>     were restricted to 80x24. I'm now of the opinion that the above
>     might be true, however uniformity is more important, so I'd now do
>     that the more standard way.
>     I also found the { } in new lines better readable in the past.
>     Now however my sight about this has changed. Brackets in new line
>     pull too much the attention and distract too much from the code
>     which actually is the more inportant thing.
I'm up for a change on this one. We just need to settle on a good 
convention. (Input wanted!)

I've never been a fan of { being on it's own line, except when it 
enhanced readability, as in:
if (a &&
      b) {
Where a && b is really any compound condition spanning several lines and 
c appears to line up with the list of conditions. In this case I want to 
have something to set c apart from the conditions.
This could either be the double indentation of the continuing conditions:
if (a &&
         b) {
Or of { being on the next line:
if (a &&
I think the extra indent makes a bit more sense and is easier to enforce 
with checkstyle.

Also, I think that for the sake of maintenance and adding new 
expressions (e.g. debugging) that all single expressions are in a block. 
That is, not:
if (condition)

and that there are no one liners:
if (condition) { expression; }

I also prefer:
     } else {
     else {

Regarding methods, it gets pretty long to have:
scope returnType methodName(parameterList) exceptionList {
I think this and class declarations are two places where { should be on 
the next line. But I could be persuaded otherwise.

If we change, I'd like to do it one package at a time and have 
consistency within a package. The Eclipse formatter will make easy work 
of it.


In Him,
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