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DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Mon Jul 13 06:00:59 MST 2009

On Jul 13, 2009, at 3:16 AM, Stephen Denne wrote:

> On 13 July 2009 4:08 a.m. DM Smith wrote:
>> On Jul 12, 2009, at 4:36 AM, Stephen Denne wrote:
>>> I've started work on creating a GoBible creator that uses
>> jsword for
>>> its bible source.
>>> I've got it working as an eclipse project in a workspace that also
>>> has the jsword & bibletime projects.
>> Cool. Do you use both BibleTime and JSword for this?
>> How is Eclipse for C++ development of BibleTime?
> Sorry, I made a mistake, as I meant to say BibleDesktop, not  
> BibleTime.
> i.e. Java
> It only uses the jsword API.
> However I've done a bit a c programming in the past for PalmOS,  
> using Metrowerks CodeWarrior. Palm switched their supported IDE to
> eclipse, and it is a much much nicer IDE than the Metrowerks  
> CodeWarrior family.
>>> My test modules have been ESV & NETfree.
>>> I disabled most of the GoBibleCreator "Collections" concept,
>>> thinking that they could be added back in later on once I
>> got things
>>> working.
>>> By adapting a stylesheet to produce text output instead of HTML,
>>> most of the format transformation work comes very easily.
>>> ESV has red-letters for Christ's words, which I've managed to get
>>> working (for ESV) too.
>> We need to be a bit careful here. The ESV and NET Bibles are
>> copyrighted and need to have permission to be used as a GoBible
>> module. This might already be the case. As we (both CrossWire and
>> GoBible) negotiate copyright permissions we are trying to obtain
>> permissions for both platforms. If these are currently
>> available as a
>> GoBible modules then there shouldn't be any copyright issues.
> One reason I mentioned them was to find out what the answer was.
> On one hand its format shifting, on the other, is GoBible now a  
> supported CrossWire front end for viewing the sword modules?

As I understand it:

The relationship between GoBible and CrossWire is more recent than  
than some of the permissions from publishers that we have obtained.  
Each agreement is in writing and Troy keeps the correspondence.  We  
try to get the most liberal permissions. In the conf you might see:  
"Copyrighted; Freely distributable" or "Copyrighted; Free non- 
commercial distribution"

Understandably, some publishers want more control.

In this case, our request originally was for distribution by CrossWire  
as a SWORD module (i.e. downloaded from the CrossWire servers) either  
manually, by installer or on an official CrossWire CD. In the conf  
such permissions are summarized as "Copyrighted; Permission to  
distribute granted to CrossWire"

Since then we've been seeking broader permission. For those, we are  
asking that others are free to redistribute SWORD modules in that  
format. This will be noted with: "Copyrighted; Permission granted to  
distribute non-commercially in SWORD format" The motivation for this  
has been to create custom CDs for non-English speaking peoples where  
internet connectivity is not available or is highly monitored.

In the most recent past the CrossWire/GoBible relationship has gotten  
tighter. The details are in the sword-devel mailing list. If I recall  
correctly, when we work with a publisher for permission for either  
GoBible or for CrossWire, we are also asking for the other. That way  
we get explicit permission for each.

> Do the conf files have an entry that can be used to determine what  
> is allowed with them?

Look for DistributionLicense. See http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/DevTools:confFiles 
  for details.

I think Troy's suggestion of adding it to the current download pages  
indicates that if a module for GoBible is built and distributed by  
CrossWire, it should be OK under current agreements.

I'll go into this a bit more in another e-mail.

>>> What next steps do you think I should work on?
>>> I definitely think a GUI is required to select a module, chose
>>> various options, select output destination.
>> I have not used GoBible (my phone does not support Java :( ) so I'm
>> not sure. A gui would be a good thing. Better would be a
>> simple class
>> that would represent what a GUI would need to present. Then
>> any JSword
>> frontend could provide a face to the builder.
> That's how I'd structure it.
> The "Collections" files which GoBibleCreator used are a mixture of  
> specifying how to break up the text, or produce a JavaME Midlet
> that contains only a portion of the bible (in order to work on those  
> cellphones with next to no storage space) along with lots of
> other options for how to produce the midlet.
>> I'd be glad to add this as a project under JSword's svn and give you
>> ownership of it.
> That would be good.

I'll add a "gobible" project to JSword's svn and have Troy grant you  
full privs there.

>>> I thought perhaps an Alkitab module might be an appropriate simple
>>> distribution scheme.
>> Do you mean plug-in? Alkitab is based on Sun's NetBeans. I'm curious
>> if you could develop for it within Eclipse?
> Yes, a standard netbeans plug-in, not distributed with Alkitab, but  
> perhaps showing up in its list of installable plug-ins.
> I probably could, but I imagine that developing a netbeans plug-in  
> within netbeans would be easier.
>> BTW, I'm blind copying David Haslam on this as he might not
>> be on this
>> mailing list and I'm sure he'd be interested.
>> In Him,
>> 	DM
> Thanks,
> Stephen Denne.
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