[jsword-devel] JSword and Map/Image modules

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 07:54:44 MST 2009

>> The options I see are:
>> a) Change logic (just for maps) to make a list/tree decision based on 
>> the type of book object.
> I think this is the right choice.

I have a patch ready, I'll attach it to the bug report shortly.

> Is <br> is the only element in HTML defined to have not content? If we 
> have a complete list, I'd be happy for your suggested change to be added.

That's a good question. I found a list of empty tags here:
http://everything2.com/title/Empty%2520HTML%2520Tags (most lists are 
very similar). Out of these, I think only BR, HR and IMG make sense in 
our context, what do you think?

I was testing further this morning and noticed that there are several
other Map modules in Karl's repository which failed to show images in
BD. So it seems like Karl has several modules with bad ThML. The good 
news is that a really simple "<br>" to "<br/>" fix I put in was enough 
to get all of these working.

In HTML, it's common to see open <img> tags as well, though none of 
Karl's modules had that problem. What is a good source for modules with 
problems? Would be helpful to see different problems across different 
modules so that a more robust (but simple) solution could be developed 
(definitely not something as advanced as what you suggested earlier).

Do you think we should add a single step after the character clean up 
which fixes <br>, <hr> and <img> in one go? Or does it make more sense 
to fix them one at a time, and attempt to parse after each fix?


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