[jsword-devel] gsword

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jan 28 07:55:02 MST 2009

Yiguang Hu wrote:
> Dear brother/sisters,
> I got some time during the Christmas and exposed some of the JSword functions onto the web (based on lots of discussions on this list long time ago). I call it gsword since I used groovy and grails for this work. The xslt is done on the server side because I run into problems before when the xslt is done through javascript.
> http://rock.ccim.org:8080/gsword/gbook/init
> I might need a separate module to make this public through crosswire since it will not compile from javac though it depends on jsword. 
> Yiguang

Hi Yiguang,

Just had another look. You are clearly continueing to improve looks. It
looks nice. When do you think you will make it available for
installation etc?

Another matter - the ESV is copyrighted. This means, while we at
CrossWire are allowed by the publisher to distribute the module, you
would need to seek your own and separate permissions to display  the
text on the web. They might allow or might object. It is a matter
totally unconnected to this being a CrossWire module etc. It might be
better simply to put up some other not copyrighted text like the WEB.


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