[jsword-devel] BibleInfo#englishBibleNames may not contain English book names in I18Ned locales

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 10:00:16 MST 2009

When you ask for a bundle for a specific language, Java  attempts to 
locate the bundle in the following order (relevant to how JSword uses 
it, real logic goes through more steps):

1) bundleName_specifiedLanguage.properties
2) bundleName_defaultLanguage.properties
3) bundleName.properties

In addition to locale specific Bible names, JSword also needs English 
Bible names which it uses as a fallback when comparing keys.

To get this, if the default locale is not already English, JSword 
explicitly asks for the BibleNames bundle in the "en" locale; this may 
not always work.

Consider the following scenarios when an attempt to get the English 
Bible names is made:
a) JSword running in a French locale

1) Java looks for BibleNames_en.properties - does not exist
2) Java looks for BibleNames_fr.properties - exists

BibleNames_fr.properties is now returned as the englishBibleNames bundle.

b) JSword running in a Japanese locale

1) Java looks for BibleNames_en.properties - does not exist
2) Java looks for BibleNames_ja.properties - does not exist
3) Java looks for BibleNames.properties - exists

BibleNames.properties is now returned as the englishBibleNames bundle, 
in this case, it is correct.

So you can see that englishBibleNames  will contain English names only 
when there is no localization properties file present corresponding to 
that locale's default language (English is one of these languages, just 
so happens that the default language is English as well). In the twenty 
odd languages for which localized BibleNames exist, englishBibleNames 
will be the same bundle as the localized Bundle, making it completely 
useless as a fallback.

I have seen references in Books fail because they used English names 
(exo instead of exod) instead of OSIS names in their osisRef elements. I 
assume this is a common issue (hence the fallback code to English).

Normally, the englishName lookup would have saved the day, but this was 
a German system and the englishName was the same as the German name. To 
replicate, in BD, set Application Preferences > Language to German. Then 
load a gen book like "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". Select 
the entry on Aaron and attempt to load the link to Ex 6:20 - nothing 
happens, but this works in English. The link uses exo instead of exod.

Suggested fix:

1) Create a copy of the BibleNames.properties file, name it 


2) Change the code which loads the englishBibleNames bundle to 
explicitly load BibleNames.properties (I could not figure out how to use 
ResourceBundle to *explicitly* load BibleNames.properties, does anyone 

Given the fact that this property file is not going to be changing at 
all, a copy won't hurt; I prefer the first option.


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