[jsword-devel] HTML Browser for BibleDesktop

Keith Watson keith_watson at bigfoot.com
Mon Mar 17 16:35:53 MST 2008

> Here is the generated output of simple.xsl for Genesis 1:1.
> Notice that the output has new lines only in the embedded style sheet.

Try the ESV translation, Gen 1:1-3.

But I made a mistake.  It is not blank lines in html which is rendered.  The
ESV has encoding like:

paragraph one<lb type="x-end-paragraph"/> <lb
type="x-begin-paragraph"/>paragraph two

Note the space character between the end-paragraph and begin-paragraph tags.
This is being rendered as an additional newline.  It seems to me that the
paragraph tags should be telling the rendering engine where to put newlines
and white space outside of the paragraphs should not be rendered.

Regarding default margin sizes... using CSS to change the background color
of the heading tags shows how much margin is being used by the Java html
viewer.  It is more than necessary.  I reduce the margins in my version.

Keith Watson

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