[jsword-devel] HTML Browser for BibleDesktop

Keith Watson keith_watson at bigfoot.com
Thu Mar 13 11:41:50 MST 2008

Are all of the issues listed some where?

I had previously looked at a few of the projects you listed and came away
with the conclusion that the solution people take is to embed a real
browser.  The other solutions I saw which people had built were all

The Java documents talk about creating your own renderer.  If there is a
limited set of problems to address could that be a solution?

Wile I discovered there is limited CSS support, the biggest problem I have
found (with English text support) is whitespace issues.  A few of them are:
default margins are way bigger than the norm; comments in the XSL file get
turned in to blank lines in the html file which are then rendered as a blank
line.  Blank (empty) lines in html should never be rendered.

Keith Watson 

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